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Notalon is written in Python, with the wxPython GUI toolkit.

It is actively developed and tested on Mac OS X and Windows XP.


Notalon is meant to be note-taking, simplified, and the intent is for the code to reflect that.

A reader's guide

Read a bit about how to learn wxPython, then read through the following source files:

  1. -- This is the core of Notalon, the container for all the program logic. It's a massive file, but it's simple -- each method corresponds to an element of the GUI.
  2. pdf/ -- This file covers the ReportLab rendering logic. If you're interested in beautifying Notalon's spartan output, this is the place to start.

After going through these two files, the rest of the code structure should become clear.

Coding style

No surprises here. For consistency, Notalon inherits the CamelCase convention from wxPython, preferring MethodName to method_name.

For documentation, use docstrings, comments, and log messages.