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Welcome to Notalon.

Notalon is note-taking, simplified. Its aim is to streamline your focus on taking notes on books and during class lectures.


See the screenshots. Then download (windows, source), with the Tutorial on screen.

Love it?

Email me your thoughts if Notalon has helped you!


Want a feature?

We organize feature requests through bitbucket's issue tracker (see the "Issues" tab above).

If you have a feature you'd like in Notalon, please submit it as a proposal.

Found a bug?

We use the issue tracker for bugs as well. If something's not working as expected, please submit it as a bug.

Want to hack on the code?

Head to the Developers page to lend a helping hand.

Notalon is released under the permissive MIT/Expat/X Consortium license, which lets you use the Notalon and its source for any purposes—including commercial ones!


Email me if you'd prefer to say something in private! I'd love to hear from you, even if it's just to say "Hi!".