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notalon / Tutorial


Notalon is note-taking, simplified. Its aim is to streamline your focus on taking notes on books and during class lectures.

Your first document

As a student, you take notes on two types of things -- Books, and Lectures. Let's start with a Book, and take notes on a copy of Roald Dahl's The BFG as we read. After skimming through the book a bit, we will format our notes and print them out.

(Screenshot: A blank Notalon Book)

The basics

  1. Start Notalon. (By default, Notalon opens with a blank Book.)
  2. If you want to shut out all distractions, go Fullscreen! (You can do this with View->Fullscreen, or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J.)
  3. Replace the text that says "Replace this text with your name" with your name.
  4. Edit the title on the left to something relevant, like The BFG. (You can do this either by going to Edit->Change heading, or by pressing Ctrl+E)
  5. Save!

(Screenshot: Our Notalon Book, with a title)

May the Source be with you

  1. Before we start taking notes, it's nice to cite our source. Go to Edit->Source and input the fields, so that in the future you'll know which book these notes are from. (The ISBN is a serial number that's usually on the back of a book.)

(Screenshot: Editing the source)


  1. Now start reading the book. Create a heading for the first chapter, titled "Chapter 1." (You can do this either by going to Edit->Add heading, or by using the toolbar, or by pressing Ctrl+M).
  2. As you read Chapter 1, take notes as you would in a word processor. For visual simplicity, Notalon does not have bullet points in this window, but it works the same way, so just put each new point on a new line and Notalon will treat it as a separate bullet point.
  3. While still editing "Chapter 1," try adding a sub-point by pressing Tab and typing some text.

(Screenshot: Finished with Chapter 1!)

The most satisfying part

  1. Let's see the result of our handiwork by exporting to a PDF (either through File->Export as PDF, or through the toolbar, or by Ctrl+P). Remember the filename!
  2. Open the file in your favorite PDF reader (e.g. Adobe Reader). Congratulations! You have just formatted your first Notalon document.

(Screenshot: The polished final product.)