SOG Run & Code Development Environment

Author: Doug Latornell <>
License:Apache License, Version 2.0

This is the root repository for running the SOG coupled physics-biogeochemical model for deep estuaries, and for doing development work on the model.

SOG is maintained in a set of Mercurial distributed version control repositories. The central, reference copies of those repositories are stored in :file:`/ocean/sallen/hg_repos/`

This repository contains 2 components of the SOG project:

SOG Command Processor

The SOG command processor, :command:`SOG`, is a command line tool for doing various operations associated with the SOG model.

Use :command:`SOG help` to get a list of the commands available for doing things with and related to SOG. Use :command:`SOG help <command>` to get a synopsis of what a command does, what its required arguments are, and what options are available to control the command.

Documentation for the command processor is in :file:`docs/SOGcommand.rst` and is rendered at


Documentation on how to set up a fresh SOG environment, including how to install the SOG command processor, are in :file:`docs/quickstart.rst` and are rendered at

Source Code and Issue Tracker

Code repository:

Source browser: (login required)

Issue tracker: (login required)


The SOG command processor code and the SOG documentation are copyright 2010-2014 by Doug Latornell and The University of British Columbia.

They are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Please see the LICENSE and NOTICE files for details of the license, and how to cite the SOG project.