Salish Sea MEOPAR Storm Surge Paper

License:Apache License, Version 2.0

This is a repository for development of the 1st storm surge paper from UBC Salish Sea MEOPAR project group.

This repository has been made public to facilitate reproducibility of the paper's results.


The Salish Sea NEMO analysis and documentation are copyright 2013-2015 by the Salish Sea MEOPAR Project Contributors and The University of British Columbia.

They are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Please see the LICENSE file for details of the license.

The copyright of the manuscript files is held by Taylor and Francis. The manuscript can be cited as:

Soontiens, N., Allen, S., Latornell, D., Le Souef, K., Machuca, I., Paquin, J.-P., Lu, Y., Thompson, K., Korabel, V. (2016). Storm surges in the Strait of Georgia simulated with a regional model. Atmosphere-Ocean volume 54, issue 1.

Organization of files

The files are organized into several folders:

  • AO_guides - manuscript tex and pdf files, templates, and AO style files
  • FigureScripts - notebooks and other files needed to generate figures. Includes text files with storm surge statistics.
  • Revisions - files used to guide the revisions process, including modified analysis files and extra analysis notebooks
    • tides - files used to produce new tidal predictions
      • analysis - tidal predictions for analysis
      • forcing - tidal predictions for forcing
  • RoughWork - rough drafts and figures
  • run_files - namelists and yaml files used to produce simulations

Some additional files are described here:

  • contributions.txt - description of contributions from each author
  • refrees.txt - list of suggested referees
  • - module with analysis tools and functions


Some of the analysis and simulations depends on code and files written in separate packages. These packages include