Zemian Deng committed abf5ae4

Use explicit var for headersLine.

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 def reportIssues() {
 	if (headers.size() == 0)
 		headers['/resolution'] = 'open'
-	println "Searching for issues with ${headers.sort{ a,b -> a.key <=> b.key }.collect{ k,v -> "$k=$v" }.join(', ')}"
+	def headersLine = headers.sort{ a,b -> a.key <=> b.key }.collect{ k,v -> "$k=$v" }.join(', ')	
+	println "Searching for issues with $headersLine"
 	def count = 0
 	getIssueIds().each { issueid ->
 		def file = new File(issuesDir, "${issueid}.md")
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