Hi there,

This repository is my sandbox where I use to experiment many things. Some are reusable enough that I've packaged them up and downloadble here. On some packages, I have even written articles with further details. Check them out and tell me what you think!

Zemian Deng <saltnlight5@gmail.com> 2012

Goodies for download

1.camel-demo-project.zipA Java + Maven based project to get started with Apahce Camel.Read more ..
2.webnotepad.warA notepad web application that let you take notes in Markdown syntax and be able to search. Try `java -jar webnotepad.war` to get started to take notes in `$HOME/notes` directory.Read more ..
3.redmine-2.0.3.warRedmine is a flexible project management web application packaged with JRuby warable. You may deploy it into any Java servlet server. It's pre-configured to use MySql database named 'redmine', user 'redmine' and password 'redmine123'. You may extract the war file and update these in the database.ymlRead more ..
4.script-console.jspAdd a web based, scriptable console to your web application.Read more ..
5.run-javaA bash shell script wrapper to invoke any Java application.Read more ..
6a.maven-webapp-groovy.zipA project template for developing Groovy based Web Application. It has a scripting console and Groovy engine ready to use. It also has a script based context listener to easy init/destroy webapp with any scripts.Read more ..
6b.maven-webapp-groovy.warA binary package for above template. You can quickly drop this into your app server and test it out.
7.spring-runner.jarBring up a Spring server by running java -cp 'spring/lib/*:spring-runner-1.0.jar' my-spring.xml. You'll also need SLF4J!Read more ..
8.issue.groovyTrack your issues in file system!


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