Doesn't work out of the box with Django 1.4

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Paolo Calvi
created an issue

This my steps: I have set a new virtualenv with Django 1.4 Installed with:

pip install -e hg+
  • set static files
  • set the setting file this way:

    INSTALLED_APPS = ( 'django.contrib.auth', 'django.contrib.contenttypes', 'django.contrib.sessions', 'django.contrib.sites', 'django.contrib.messages', 'django.contrib.staticfiles', 'admintools_bootstrap', 'admin_tools', 'django.contrib.admin', )

and I got this error:

TemplateSyntaxError at /admin/ 'admin_tools_dashboard_tags' is not a valid tag library: Template library admin_tools_dashboard_tags not found, tried django.templatetags.admin_tools_dashboard_tags, django.contrib.staticfiles.templatetags.admin_tools_dashboard_tags, admintools_bootstrap.templatetags.admin_tools_dashboard_tags, django.contrib.admin.templatetags.admin_tools_dashboard_tags

Am I missing something?

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  1. Paolo Calvi reporter

    Please update the docs with this information, it is not clear that the admin_tools requires a particular process to set up beside adding the 'admin_tools' in the INSTALLED_APPS for somebody has never used it. A sentence like "be sure that 'admin_tools' is properly installed and configured, please refer to the admintools documentation" will have saved me a few hours!


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