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sory for my bad english.

I try to use tab with fieldsets in admin and I have errors : I do my fieldsets, I write change_form_template = "admintools_bootstrap/tabbed_change_form.html"

and when I refresh I have tab, but I can't select or click.

In javascript console :

Erreur : $ is undefined Fichier Source : Ligne : 108

I don't understand why

Thx for the reply

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  1. S. Kossouho

    Same problem, I have many jQuery errors. Django admin (1.4) loads jQuery 1.4.2 but there seems to be a conflict with jquery 1.7.1. So you end up with many errors and things not working right. I would like to not hack this package but it cannot work out of the box. And this package has been untouched since june, which is worrying.

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