Concave Generalized B├ęzier Patch

This is a minimal library for evaluating CGB patches.


The program was tested under Linux and Windows.

You will need the following libraries:

Building under Linux

Download and compile the dependencies. Put eigen under the dependencies folder. Note that you have to build Triangle as a library with the -fpic flag.

> cd concave-gb
> mkdir build
> cd build
> cmake -D LIBGEOM_ROOT=/your/path/to/transfinite \
        -D LIBHARMONIC_ROOT=/your/path/to/harmonic \
        -D LIBMEC_ROOT=/your/path/to/libmec \
        -D LIBTRIANGLE_ROOT=/your/path/to/triangle \
        -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug # or Release \
> make

Building under Windows

Download the dependencies into dependencies/{transfinite,harmonic,libmec,triangle,eigen}. (Note that you will need GSL for compiling libmec.) A Visual Studio 2015 solution file is supplied for compilation.


The library is documented in the header file cgb.h.

There is also a stand-alone program in the example directory that can be used from the command line to generate meshes from .cgb files. Note that a high-density resolution also needs a higher level of detail for the parameterization.