mupen64plus-input-sdl / INSTALL

Mupen64Plus-Input-SDL INSTALL

This text file was written to explain the installation process of the
Mupen64Plus-Input-SDL module.

If this module is part of a Mupen64Plus source code bundle, the user should run
the "" script in the root of the unzipped bundle to install all
of the included modules in the bundle.

If this module is a standalone source code release, you should build the library
from source code and install it via the makefile, like this:

$ cd projects/unix
$ make all
$ sudo make install

If you want to build the Mupen64Plus-Input-SDL module for installation in a
home folder for a single user, you may build it like this (replacing
<my-folder> with your desired local installation path):

$ cd projects/unix
$ make all
$ make install LIBDIR=<my-folder>
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