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  2. doit



doit - automation tool

doit comes from the idea of bringing the power of build-tools to execute any kind of task

see doc/index.rst or website <http://python-doit.sourceforge.net/>;

Project Details


The MIT License Copyright (c) 2008-2012 Eduardo Naufel Schettino

see LICENSE file

developers / contributors

see AUTHORS file


doit is tested on python 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 3.2.

python setup.py install


  • simplejson [python 2.5]
  • multiprocessing [python 2.5]
  • pyinotify (linux) [all python versions]
  • macfsevents (mac)

Tools required for development:

  • merucrial * VCS
  • py.test * unit-tests
  • mock * unit-tests
  • coverage * code coverage
  • epydoc * API doc generator
  • sphinx * doc tool
  • pyflakes * syntax checker


You can use a standalone script:

python runtests.py

or use py.test


developemnt setup

The best way to setup an environment to develop doit itself is to create a virtualenv...:

doit$ virtualen dev
(dev)doit$ dev/bin/activate

install doit as "editable", and add development dependencies from dev_requirements.txt:

(dev)doit$ pip install --editable .
(dev)doit$ pip install --requirement dev_requirements.txt


doc folder contains ReST documentation. They are the base for creating the website. To create it (after installing doit):

doit website

It includes epydoc generated API documentation.