Semantic Web Tools for Galaxy

SPARQL Import tool

This Galaxy (bioinformatics web portal) toolkit currently just contains a tool that enables to specify an URL to a SPARQL endpoint, and a SPARQL query, and to save the returned data in tabular format, for further processing in Galaxy's tools.


  1. Create a folder "semweb_tools" under [galaxy_root]/tools/ and add these files.
  2. Add the following section right under the starting <toolbox> tag in [galaxy_root]/tool_conf.xml:
    <section name="Semantic Web Tools" id="semweb_tools">
        <tool file="semweb_tools/sparql_import.xml" />

Change log

  • 2012-11-16: Now works properly (at least for my simple test case)!
  • 2012-11-16: Created today, still under heavy development!