NOTE: You probably don't want to use this right now.

jopbox is a Clojure library for working with the Dropbox API.


[jopbox "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"]


Require jopbox from the REPL:

(use 'jopbox.client)

Authorization and Authentication

(def consumer (make-consumer API-KEY API-SECRET))
(def request-token (fetch-request-token consumer <callback-uri>))

Now, get the authorization URL:

(authorization-url consumer request-token)
;=> Visit the URL that this returns on your browser.

Then, get the access token response

(def access-token-response (fetch-access-token-response consumer request-token))

If you're using this with a web app, you probably want to use a callback URI to fetch token response.

API methods

See Dropbox's API Reference for more information on these methods.

Account Info /account/info

(account-info consumer access-token-response)

File Metadata /metadata

(metadata consumer access-token-response "sandbox" "video.flv")

Delta /delta

(delta consumer access-token-response <cursor>)

Media /media

(media consumer access-token-response "sandbox" "video.flv")

Get File /files(GET)

(get-file consumer access-token-response "sandbox" "foo.txt")
;; This works fine with plaintext files, but if you're dealing with something else you probably want to use /media.

Upload file /files_put

(upload-file consumer access-token-response "sandbox" "foo.mp3" "/path/to/foo.mp3")


Copyright © 2012 Samrat Man Singh

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.