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Matthew Turk  committed 41bd8aa

Fixing the rocket import and updating the yt-project location for the pastebin.

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File scripts/yt_lodgeit.py

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-    A script that pastes stuff into the enzotools pastebin on
-    paste.enztools.org.
+    A script that pastes stuff into the yt-project pastebin on
+    paste.yt-project.org.
     Modified (very, very slightly) from the original script by the authors

File yt/gui/reason/bottle_mods.py

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 class YTRocketServer(ServerAdapter):
     server_info = {} # Hack to get back at instance vars
     def run(self, handler):
-        from rocket import Rocket
+        from yt.utilities.rocket import Rocket
         server = Rocket((self.host, self.port), 'wsgi', { 'wsgi_app' : handler })
         self.server_info[id(self)] = server