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Buglet fix in

Content-Type and Content-Length headers and values are only inserted into the wsgi.environ if they are present in the actual request. That way, if those headers were not passed by the UA, then they will not be present in cherrypy.request.headers.

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     def parse_headers(self, headers):
         environ = {}
-        environ["CONTENT_TYPE"] = headers.getheader("Content-type", "")
-        environ["CONTENT_LENGTH"] = headers.getheader("Content-length") or ""
+        ct = headers.getheader("Content-type", "")
+        if ct:
+            environ["CONTENT_TYPE"] = ct
+        cl = headers.getheader("Content-length") or ""
+        if cl:
+            environ["CONTENT_LENGTH"] = cl
         # Must use keys() here for Python 2.3 (rfc822.Message had no __iter__).
         for k in headers.keys():
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