A small group of utilities to make it easy to generate Protovis graphs on Microsoft SQL Server.

Setup (notes to self)

  • Use a Small (1.7GB) instance of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Base (AMI Id: ami-f0c9ff84)
  • Install IIS: Server Manager - Roles - Action - Add Roles - Server Roles - Web (IIS) - Enable everything under Web Server
  • Install SQL Server Express 2008 for 32 bit
  • Install SQL Server Express Utility
  • Optional: SQL Server Configuration Manager - SQL Server Network Configuration - Named Pipes/TCPIP - Enable. Restart SQL Server
  • Optional: Install Chrome, Notepad++, Cygwin (with Python, make, git)

Database initialisation

I'm placing all tables into the default tempdb table provided by MSSQL.

To create a table, use SSEUTIL:

sseutil -m -c
> use tempdb
> create table ic (name varchar(50), practice varchar(3), tenure int, rating int)
> insert into ic values ('Alpha','IHL',39,8)
> insert into ic values ('Beta','PT',26,11)
> insert into ic values ('Gamma','STR',51,34)
> grant select on ic to public
> go


csv.aspx?table=table_name produces a CSV dump of the table name

The rest of the processing is in Javascript (TBD)