Compare Workouts: Search Causes Start/End Dates to Revert to Default

Issue #399 resolved
Michael McGuirk
created an issue

Typical operation: you want to compare today's workout with one from a couple of months ago. The Start date doesn't go back far enough so you change it and click Filter. This gives you a long list from which to chose so you decide to do a Search. You enter whatever criteria you want and click Search. You would expect it to search among the displayed workouts but it doesn't. The Start and End dates have reverted back to default.

I would suggest that the Search button should simply search workouts for whatever dates are currently entered in the Start and End date fields.

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  1. Sander Roosendaal repo owner

    Here's the issue. I can make the date form "sticky" but that means storing the form values in a cookie. However, that also means that the next time the user comes back to the site he didn't clear his browser history, the site will see the cookie and presume that the user wanted to search in that date range. However, usually in a "new" session, the user wants to start with the default values (date range including "today"). How to deal with that?

  2. Michael McGuirk reporter

    Yeah, I understand the downside of cookies. Your "workaround" works, thank you! But it's definitely not intuitive. After doing the search on the default dates, the search box empties. So now one is looking at the search results on the default dates and an empty search box. Who would of thought that the search criteria was still in effect and that you could change the dates, do nothing in the search box and get an expanded search? What to do? I'm afraid I'm not smart enough to know how to better integrate the search and filter functions.

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