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Gregory Smith
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I was trying to figure out how my CP curve differed for slides, static and dynamic workouts. I labelled all my workouts this fall as ranking pieces. Selected a date range from 1-sept-2018 to 26-dec-2018. Then in succession, I generated a CP chart for slides, dyn and static.

I did a screen capture after the calculations finished (I think), and you can see that the list changes with the filter, but the predictions do not change.

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  1. Sander Roosendaal repo owner

    I checked and the background jobs finished without errors.

    When you select a large number of workouts, this task can take a very long time. I could add a message inside the chart that the chart was drawn with stored values, when the background job is not finished yet.

  2. Gregory Smith reporter

    I decided to test this by setting up each calculation and then coming back to the page after a few hours. When I logged in and checked the page this morning, the parameters were reset to default and it immediately kicked off a new calculation. So, I think the plot and predictions were correct for the date range and workout type, but the workout list reflected the new default settings.

    I suggest that you
    - don’t kick off a calculation when the page loads, only calc on submit.
    - defer updating the workout list until the calculation is done
    - annotate the plot or prediction table with date range and workout type
    - always use the banner that includes the link to check background jobs


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