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 has no external dependencies.
+Installation notes
+Google Code recommends doing the Subversion checkout like so::
+    svn checkout django-registration
+But the hyphen in the application name can cause issues installing
+into a DB, so it's really better to do this::
+    svn checkout registration
+If you've already downloaded, rename the directory before installing.
 The short and sweet instructions
 Just Work.
+If emails never get sent
+Welcome to the world of spam filtering! Assuming your server settings
+are correct and Django is otherwise able to send email, the most
+likely problem is overzealous filtering on the receiving end. Many
+spam filtering solutions are depressingly overactive and love to eat
+account-registration emails.
+If you know how to solve this, you will make millions of dollars.
 How it works under the hood
 field as a way to keep troublesome users under control -- when you set
 ``is_active`` to ``False``, they can't log in, which is pretty
 handy. But that means you _want_ to have an inactive account in your
-DB and you _don't_ want ``delete_expired_users`` to delete it -- if
+DB and you *don't* want ``delete_expired_users`` to delete it -- if
 that happened, the troublemaker could just re-create the account and
 start all over again.