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We caught my brother's big mother-in-law with a photo

I'm going to tell you how we fuck a complete milf in every sense of the word, who is my brother's mother-in-law, and I say we fuck because my dad, my two brothers and I each took it on their own.

My name is Victor this happened 8 years ago when I was 17. The truth is that no man in the family was so graceful but we lived through this since this woman was very hot. I have never considered myself handsome in fact I am plump and a little short of stature but I have always had eggs to talk to any girl and I think that has helped me a lot throughout my life, my mom a conservative 50 year old woman although my Dad always tried to get him to wear something sexy he had never been able to get, my dad a 52-year-old man a little bald, paunchy and as they say they have a happy eye since he always flirts with every woman who crosses his path, my older brother and the son-in-law of this milf is called Armando, he was 25 years old, he is a very serious boy,

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It all started when my brother gave us the news that his in-laws would come to meet the family since his father-in-law was a well-known Doctor and came to perform an operation on the weekend, they were from Guadalajara and his daughter had come to study Here where he met my brother they had been dating for 2 years, he asked if it was possible that they would stay a few days at the house, since they wanted to spend a few days here because they wanted to be with their daughter for a while and, by the way, meet us, in fact my brother did not he had met his in-laws. Since my house is very large there was no problem on the part of my parents, nobody imagined that his mother-in-law would be so good since his girlfriend was not pretty although she was not ugly either, she was a thin woman but without something special that will catch your attention.

I remember the day they arrived my brother had warned us that it would be Thursday, just that day we had not had classes and we were all waiting at home together with my brother's girlfriend, the bell rang, my brother and she went to the door while my Parents, the puberto and I waited in the living room, we heard voices from his girlfriend introducing him to his parents, they closed the door and started walking towards us.

They began to hear the sound of heels that obviously were not my brother's girlfriend because she was in low shoes and what was our surprise when entering the room woooow she was the tastiest woman I had ever seen, a very sexy with a wavy reddish hair, of 1.70mts made up like a whore, full lips painted in deep red, she wore a black jacket with open skin to her enormous breasts, the blouse that she brought inside was very low-cut since it was hardly noticeable and almost You could see her nipples by the great neckline that she brought and the most provocative thing is that she was wearing a long silver chain that was tucked between her huge breasts,the jacket was so tight that you could see a small waistband but what killed me were those tight gray lycra leggings that I wore in that pair of well-shaped leggings that shone for them from the same lycra and with slippers stiletto heels that made him stop that ass too much, pufff looked like a whore and when I thought I couldn't see anymore, before we introduced ourselves he turned to accommodate his bag on a table that was behind I almost fainted to see that tremendous ass I was carrying, it seemed that those shorts would burst at any time as they stretched and since they were made of lycra, it was very transparent, you could see a rich black thong of thread, you only could see the little triangle at the top, the thread was lost inside those huge buttocks,I could not believe what my eyes were seeing but I was not the only one to quickly see how my dad and my brothers drooled when they saw her, pfff had an erection like never before and just by seeing such a woman my mind was flying imagining how rich it would be to be in bed with her, penetrate her over and over again.

(I have a single photo that I could take that day, the one you like, I can send it to your email, leave it with your comment)

Continuing with the story, my brother's girlfriend introduced us to his parents, his name was Fernando, he was a 52-year-old man the same age as my dad and he was not handsome at all we all wondered how he could have fallen in love, married and having had a daughter with that goddess, most likely because of the good job she had. For her part, this milf was called Rebeca, a 45-year-old woman who is quite well preserved and very flirtatious since she introduced us, greeted us with a kiss and a hug to each of us scrubbing us those rich breasts and obviously no one lost an opportunity to respond to that hug. except I took her by the waist and rubbed her body with mine on purpose so that I could feel the erection that had caused me,

They talked for a while in the living room, and then we went to the table for dinner. Later, as I had already told you, my dad was a man who took advantage of every moment and every pretext to approach a woman and was not going to miss this opportunity to have a tremendous milf at home, he got up and went to put on music to dance , immediately approached saying

  • I want to dance with my mother-in-law

and without waiting for an answer, he went and took her by the hand, led her a little away from us, in fact, no one could see them except the pubert and me. While dancing I could notice how he took her by the waist and approached her ear saying something that made her laugh in complicity with him, seeing her dance was a real show, he hit her on the chest and in those turns he gave her we did not miss an opportunity to be able to appreciate how those buttocks bounced in those leggings bounced.

  • Pueberto: How rich is that lady, also you see that she is a bitch, have you seen how that black thong is transparent?

  • Me: Oops if you are not mom, that's why dad did not miss the opportunity to take her out to dance to be able to handle her

And said and done my dad was becoming more and more daring since I could see that with each turn he brushed his fingers against Rebeca's ass, the moment came when he could not take it anymore and put his hand on his buttocks, taking advantage of the fact that nobody could See them, then she asked him for a moment, I thought he would ask her for something, but what was my surprise that he only wanted to take off his jacket, finally I could see his blouse was yellow long-sleeved but with a tremendous neckline that made her bounce bounce, she left her jacket on a chair and returned to my father to continue dancing, he had not cared what he had done, having shamelessly grabbed his buttocks had taken it as something natural without importance, at that moment I began to believe that he was a whore.

I think her husband knew what kind of a whore he was since he didn't show any interest or annoyance in knowing that someone was dancing with his wife. Later, my dad was already taking something and he told us that we should take the photo of the memory, everyone had settled, but my dad already had something on his hands because he began to accommodate us in his own way, leaving my mom with her husband Rebeca, followed by me. brother and his girlfriend, the puberto and I and finally Rebeca, went to set up the camera to program the selfie, returned, stood next to Rebeca and I do not hesitate to have the nerve to hug her from behind pfffff I was in shock seeing my dad stuck on that female's back, I could see how her buttocks tightened with my dad's member,

The next day I was having breakfast with the puberto and he was telling me that he had spent the whole night jerking off imagining Rebeca, which honestly I had also done, I told him that I was convinced that she was a complete little whore and that I had to fuck before he left. My father had gone out with Rebeca's husband to attend to some matters and show him the city, my mother was in the patio and my brother and his girlfriend had already gone to school, suddenly we heard the sound of Rebeca's heels that They went down the stairs, she came dressed in the same mallon and the low-cut blouse since she had not brought any other change, she looked at us with her flirtatious smile

  • Rebeca: Good morning, handsome

  • Me: Hello madam

  • Rebeca: Please don't call me that, it makes me feel old, just call me Rebeca and you can contact me without any problem

  • Me: Ok, that's fine Rebecca

He greeted me with a kiss on the cheek touching the other cheek with the palm of his hand and before he greeted my brother I said

  • Hey my brother thinks he has very sensual lips and maybe very rich

My brother froze without saying a word, I thought Rebecca could take it badly and for a moment I regretted what I had dared to tell her, but she only looked at him with some tenderness and said

  • How nice, mmm ... let's see try them and tell me

She approached him and closing her eyes stopped her trumpet with those beautiful full lips, my brother looked at me surprised and immediately planted a beak on his lips, with that I could confirm what this female had been thinking was a complete whore and was thirsty for sex, it wouldn't cost me anything to sleep with her

  • Rebeca: And well how do you know

To which my brother very nervously only managed to say

  • If they are rich

Immediately she caressed his cheek, looked at him with a smile and continued on his way to the kitchen, we just stared at the black thong that was seen inside those haunches and how those buttocks bounced when walking.

So I thought of a plan, I knew that my father and his in-law would be late, my brother and his girlfriend also always came at night, the puberto would be at school so I would have the house almost alone with Rebeca in the afternoon my mom would be but I would see the way to deal with that already.

  • Puberto: I can't believe I tasted that goddess's lips

  • Me: If I click lucky, but it’s up to me

  • Puberto: What do you mean

  • Me: I will go out before school to come and get it

  • Puberto: Haha, although it is seen that it is super flirty I doubt that it will go as far

  • Me: You will see, at night I will be telling you how rich his body tastes

I was already decided, it had become a personal challenge to throw myself at my brother's mother-in-law, I finished having breakfast and I went to my room to prepare some things, I heard that Rebecca was talking to my mother asking her where there was a shopping center to buy some clothes , I already imagined the feast that several men would give themselves when they saw a tremendous woman dressed in that way, going to buy alone, I would not even be surprised if they took some photos or recorded it with their cell phones as I used to do when I saw a woman who deserved it .

Total we went to school, which I only entered the first classes to tell my friends what I had lived and what I was about to do.

And that's how I went back home, like at 2 in the afternoon I found my mom in the kitchen

  • Me: Hello mom

  • Mom: Hello son, what happened because you arrived so early?

  • Me: Classes were suspended

  • Mom: I see

  • Me: And Rebeca?

  • Mom: Oops, how much trust with Mrs. Rebecca

  • Me: Haha, he's young and has given us the confidence

  • Mom: Besides being very pretty, right?

  • Me: Haha, I'm not going to deny you mom, it's all a bonbon

  • Mom: Haha, oh boy, you're a man and I understand you, that woman draws anyone's attention, she's in her room resting from some shopping she went to do

  • Me: So are you only home?

  • Mom: Yes it is.

  • Me: Ok ma, see you later

And immediately I went to Rebeca's room that was on the third floor, I did not hear any noise so I entered her room slowly, she was lying on the bed showing me her shorts even with that gray braces and now that I was alone I could appreciate much better That rich black thong that brought me crazy was dying to touch her and I knew that if I got abused at that moment, in that same bed where I was lying down I could have an afternoon sex with her, suddenly I tripped on one of her slippers which woke her up

Rebecca: Victor, what happened?

  • Me: Hello Rebecca, I was just coming to greet you, I left school early

  • Rebeca: Oh, how well you will keep me company, I was about to see a movie. Do you want to see it with me?

  • Me: Yes of course

  • Rebeca: If you want you can lie down next to me to be more comfortable

Without thinking twice I lay down next to him

  • Me: I knew you went shopping

  • Rebeca: That's right, I bought a nightgown to sleep, some blouses, a white skirt, well it really is a miniskirt hehe, some red sneakers and mmm ... -He was thinking for a moment - ... a pair of thongs

You can imagine how hot I was, with an erection about to explode but I was on my way this wanted to see how far I could go

  • Me: You always wear thong

  • Rebeca: If I like to wear them with leggings or miniskirts, I like to dress sexy

  • Me: Is this material in your leggings lycra?

I asked her this while I started stroking her legs, she did not show any discomfort

  • Rebeca: Yes, I love this material, it fits me better

I couldn't take it anymore and here it all started it was now or never

  • Me: Hey, look, I have a problem

Rebecca: Tell me what it is, maybe I can help you

  • Me: in fact you are the only one who can help me

I took her hand and put it on my fully erect member and before she said a word I approached her mouth and started to kiss her, she answered the kiss in the best way wooow how rich it was to taste those plump lips stuck her tongue out and I ate hers, while my hands caressed those buttocks above the mallon allowing her thong to feel on the other hand she began to rub my penis over the pans she was wearing, wooow was being in paradise I could not believe what was happening, I had to focus not to finish before I penetrated her but it was almost impossible to do.

I couldn't be luckier when my mom yells at me to let me know that she was going to go out for a moment, I just took my lips off Rebecca to answer it, then I kept kissing her, I stepped aside and said to her ear

  • I'm going to get some condoms to my room

She just looked at me and smiled. At last I was in the house completely alone with her, she was waiting for me in a bed while I went to my room for some condoms, it was a fact that I would have sex with that female who brought me hot from the first moment I saw her, she was not I believed it.

My room was next to hers, so I hurried and returned only in boxers, I saw as he directed his gaze towards my penis that looked like a fully erect circus tent, I slept with her and I continued kissing her while I began to undress her, first I took off her blouse and woooow bra, she was amazing tits very round and standing, nothing saggy despite her age, I spent a long time savoring while listening to how she was excited as she gave out little moans and her nipples had become very hard.

  • Rebeca: It seems that you really wanted me

  • Me: Yes, of course, since I saw you yesterday you caused me a terrible erection

  • Rebecca: Hehe yes, I noticed when you greeted me and pressed me to your body, let's see how it is

At that moment he put his hand inside my boxer and grabbed my penis

  • Rebeca: Woow but how wonderful, this is how I like them

That made me think that it was not the first time that her husband had cheated, and who knows how many more had enjoyed that goddess body he had. I take out my penis and put it in his mouth, he was eating it completely, like a palette that he enjoyed to the fullest, I was about to finish so I asked him not to continue because I wanted to penetrate it before emptying all my milk, so I took out the leggings and finally I could see that rich thong that I had liked so much, I took it out very slowly and finally I had her completely naked in front of me, I started to kiss her whole body like crazy, I ran it all with my tongue going through her legs , her smooth abdomen and tits, in the end I got to her vagina that was completely wet, the liquids that came out were very rich my tongue played with her clitoris,

  • Rebeca: Ay ay ayyy, you have it so good daddy, you have it in me

  • Me: I didn't think you were such a bitch, I thought it would cost me more work to sleep with you

  • Rebeca: Give me more yes yes yes yes ayyy que ricooo

Her breasts bounced like two balls, I noticed that she was having multiple orgasms, she kept moaning like a whole bitch, before finishing I took her thong I smelled her, her aroma was delicious I put it on again and asked her to put herself on four wanted penetrate her as a dog with her thong on, and that's how she turned and wooow what a spectacular view, I arranged the thread to one side and put it all at once, I began to accelerate the rhythm she screamed with pleasure, her moans resounded in Every corner of the house, after a while I couldn't stand it anymore and ended up in that position flooding the condom with all my milk, it was surprising to you that everything that spilled almost filled the condom with semen, was all that the female had caused me.

After finishing, listen to how the door was opened, it was my father and Rebeca's husband who had just arrived and greeted my mother, that worried me since my mother had already arrived some time before and surely had heard Rebeca's moans, take my boxer and I said goodbye to cardigan with a kiss on her lips, apparently she did not care, she was very calm and before I left she took my hand and said

  • Rebeca: It was very tasty, I hope it will happen again

  • Me: Yes of course you were delicious

I put on something quick and went down to say hello to my dad, later the pubert and my brother arrived with his girlfriend, we were about to have dinner, I was telling the pubert the afternoon about the sex he had spent with Rebeca, he was listening to me in disbelief When I told her what had happened, imagining everything, in that cardigan she wore only the nightgown she had bought to sleep on, you could see her pretty legs, my dad and my brothers kept looking at her, although we wanted to hide it was almost impossible, I couldn't believe that I had caught that goddess just a few hours ago.

  • Dad: Woow what a nice nightgown

  • Rebeca: I bought it today afternoon and some other clothes

My dad's eyes popped out when he told her all that looking her up and down, you could tell she wanted to penetrate her now and well I don't blame everyone they were like that I just knew what it was like to be with that female, we sat down to dinner , my dad told about the matters that he had gone to see with his compadre. My father was dedicated to the sale and purchase of anything, especially cars and appliances, the truth is that he was doing very well with that type of business, for that reason he had to visit different places to find the best prices. They had gone to see, and he already had a plan in hand

  • Dad: I liked the cars we saw today, although I would like to go see others tomorrow that a friend recommended.

  • Fernando: I would love to accompany you, but as I was saying, I have to go check some issues for the operation on Sunday

  • Dad: If you had already told me, and how about your Rebecca, do you think you can join me on the way tomorrow we take a tour so that you know the city

  • Rebeca: Yes of course I would like to know her more, I have only just visited the shopping center

  • Dad: Perfect, so we leave first thing tomorrow

In the second story I will tell you how provocative she got for that outing and obviously how my dad caught her