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Welcome to my Atlassian Crowd Django Backend and SSO Middleware

During my last project at work I created a small proof of concept django app enriching static HTML with comments. This is not hard as you can imagine but in a corporate environment you need to connect to the user repository containing all your customer & staff logins. That was Atlassian Crowd.

Crowd Authentication Backend

The first step was to create a very simple integration just by sending an authentication request, creating a django user and so on. Easy said easy done. Go ahead and add

AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS = ('crowd.backend.CrowdBackend',)


to your

Crowd Single Sign On Middleware

The middleware intercepts the crowd.auth_token cookie (SSO cookie) and creates a crowd user on the fly. SSO works both ways: Creating the token AND consuming the token. Logout invalidates the Crowd Token and logs out from all crowd applications in the SSO domain.

Add 'crowd.middleware.CrowdSSOAuthenticationMiddleware', to your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES after the AuthenticationMiddleware.

Known Issues

  1. If a token expires something will happen and I don't know what!
  2. Errorhandling is absent!


Clone the repository and execute sudo python install. At least this is what I do and I don't know much python and django.


Just send me a message. Let's see if I can help.


Use this code as you want. Consider it free. Say thank you. Don't blame me if it doesn't work for you.