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  • added method to SmartControllerAttribute to register types with the DI Container
  • GetThemeInfo() returns null if no theme is set
  • Themes, css and scripts directories names can be changed
  • renamed MvcRequestMetrics to RequestMetricsFilter
  • added FlexibleViewEngine , convention based view engine with implicit theming support
  • added convention based ActionFilter support
  • added convention based routing


  • (breaking change) Overhauled the SmartController feature. No more inheritance!
  • new action results: TransferResult, TransferToRouteResult, TransferToActionResult


  • added to SmartActionAttribute the Ignore and ViewName properties.
  • (breaking change) Removed Handle() extension methods


  • DemandRightAttribute can authorize against multiple rights, Permission property is now obsolete
  • Added SmartActionAttribute to use with SmartController for some specific use cases
  • Added extensions methods for controllers for easy Command Handling or Request Processing
    • Added BusinessRuleException to communicate error from the app layer to the UI layer, used by extension methods


  • New Features
    • Smart controller, slim controller
    • MVC support for new features of Forms Authentication
    • New helpers
  • Refactored and added new features to mvc themes support
  • Code cleanup