cffi / testing /

import py
from testing import backend_tests, test_function, test_ownlib
from cffi import FFI
import _cffi_backend

class TestFFI(backend_tests.BackendTests,
    TypeRepr = "<ctype '%s'>"

    def Backend():
        return _cffi_backend

    def test_not_supported_bitfield_in_result(self):
        ffi = FFI(backend=self.Backend())
        ffi.cdef("struct foo_s { int a,b,c,d,e; int x:1; };")
        e = py.test.raises(NotImplementedError, ffi.callback,
                           "struct foo_s foo(void)", lambda: 42)
        assert str(e.value) == ("<struct foo_s(*)(void)>: "
            "cannot pass as argument or return value a struct with bit fields")
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