dihaa -- Creating Diagrams from ASCII Art

dihaa is a tool to create pictures of diagrams from ASCII art:

This is an simple example of valid dihaa input:

                                 +--->| PNG Image File |
+-------------+      +-------+   |    +----------------+
| Text Source +----->| dihaa +---+
+-------------+      +-------+   |    +-------------------+
                         ^       +--->| UTF-8 Box Drawing |
Commandline Options -----+            +-------------------+


dihaa is written in Haskell and can be build using cabal. I recommend using a sandbox for building the dependencies (Rasterific is used for image creation) and dihaa it self:

cabal sandbox init
cabal install


To process the text input call dihaa with either -p to create a PNG image or -u to create UTF-8 output using unicode box drawing elements. Try .cabal-sandbox/bin/dihaa -p test.dihaa, his will create test.dihaa.png.

For more details refer to the haddoc documentation of Main.


This tool is inspired by: https://github.com/stathissideris/ditaa which currently has far more features than dihaa.