Migrator is Awesome! It’s a database migration tool inspired by the Ruby on Rails migration process. Use it to migrate database changes between developers and then migrate those changes to the UAT, staging, and production databases.

Boom! Done!


Download and Installing

You can download the latest version, and past versions, on the Downloads Page.

Download the zip files and extract the files into a folder of your choosing. You can run the GUI using the MigratorGUI.exe and the command line using the MigratorConsole.exe.

Find out what new features have been added and issues fixed in the Release Notes

Supported Platforms

Migrator runs on most versions of Windows and is designed to run against SQL Server 2005 to 2014.


Migrator documentation and a quickstart guide can be found on the wiki.


There are several ways you help can make Migrator better:

  • Documentation: The wiki is publicly editable.

  • Bugs and Feature Requests: Open a new issue by clicking here.

  • Resolve an Issue: Fix or implement an existing issue then send us a pull request.

Your contributions are much appreciated.


Migrator is maintained by Chris C and Ada CC, the founders of Saturday Morning Productions. If you have any questions about Migrator that aren't answered above or in the wiki, give us a shout at


Migrator is licensed under the MIT License.