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Ant Visualization Plugin for Eclipse


This Eclipse plugin provides a simple graphical display of the target dependencies within an Ant build script. Here is an example graph:

Ant Visualization View



  • Eclipse 3.6/3.7
  • Eclipse GEF/Zest framework

1. Enable GEF update site:

2. Install GEF SDK 3.6.2 or later and GEF Zest SDK 1.2 or later from that site

3. Install this plugin from update site:

After installation, select a build.xml file in the Java packages or navigator view, activate the context menu and select entry Ant Visualization => Internal.


The documentation for the plugin is provided as an Eclipse help file: select menu Help => Help Contents and see the Ant Visualization entry.


The plugin is currently in a perfectly usable state, however further enhancements are most welcome. Ensure you have an Eclipse PDE build, then do a Hg clone of the repository, import the three projects, and get started! Please use the issue tracker for change management.


Copyright (c) 2011

Released under Eclipse Public License 1.0