Bad Boy Ubiquity?

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Freddy K.
created an issue

Since Firefox has this newfangled performance analyzer (about:performance) I just gave it a spin. This is my setup:
Firefox 64bit @ SSD
5 pinned tabs + 8 "normal" tabs (nothing fancy, i.e. no extensive javascript bloaters or videos running in the background)

I started Firefox and gave it 60 seconds to completely load all pages and go to "rest".
This is the result:
bad boy ubiquity.png

Somehow, Ubiquity always seems to claim a minor amount of CPU, despite the fact that I had been idling for about a minute when I took the screencap.
What is your experience? Do you think this is just error of margin in the performance measuring process? Or is Ubiquity using 1% CPU at all times, no matter if it's just idling in the background? What could be causing the constant CPU usage?

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  1. Sergey Brester

    In the firefox all the plugins (that are little bit greater as hello-world) consume small CPU "last".
    This goes among others to the polling event loop (e. g. onkeydown by ubiquity).

    In the reality the CPU-usage is much fewer, but I think that 1% is the smallest unit in this performance log.
    I've opened exactly one tab and checked the performance log. There I see 4 plugins with 1% per plugin (so 4% total). But according to the task manager firefox-process consumes only 0.0% - 0.2% the whole time.

    I think the issue can be closed because irrelevant.

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