This project is an attempt to make test automation efforts easier and more effective. There are lots of various tools, libraries and other frameworks for test automation you can find in the internet but individually they are not so usefull comparing to when combined together. In this project you will see combination of leading test automation tools and tecnhniques glued together and supplemented with custom helpers and examples to give you powerfull starter kit which you can use straight away. What you will see in this project was built and refined over last 4 years and summarises ideas and experience I had working for various clients in different countries.

I'm not entirely sure that framework is the right word so you can call it whatever word you like: library, template, kit, tool – it doesn't really matter as long as it helps you achieve your goal.


Kostya Marchenko is the project owner. He is working as Senior Consultant at emergn and helping it's clients to improve and optimize software development processes with help of whole bunch of techniques and practices including TDD/BDD/Active Specification/Acceptance Test Driven Development, Test automation, Continuous Integration and Delivery. And of course it's all done in an Agile, iterative and evolutionary way.

Project Structure

Project contains two major modules, they are test automation framework and automated test examples. Test Automation Framework, as it's name stays, is the main piece and contains helper methods and other usefull stuff you will use to create and run automated tests. Automated test examples are collection of few examples that extensively use framework and will give you good idea how to use it properly.

3rd party libraries

This framework mainly uses Concordion, Selenium 2(WebDriver), Hamcrest, JUnit4, and Maven/Buildr.


Active Specification concept was used to build this framework so it's automated acceptance tests also serve as documentation – it's never outdated and shows you whether framework works or not. Look at Framework Specification to learn more about framemowrk and how to use it. Or generate documentation(and test it) yourself, all you need to do is just 3 simple steps:

  • Check out source codes by typing hg clone
  • Do a maven build by typing mvn clean install in checked out folder.
  • Open test-automation-framework/test-automation-framework/target/test-results/com/sqanta/testautomation/framework/Framework.html page.

Also look at Sample Automated Tests to get better idea how your tests can use framework.

How to Install and Use

There are three options: - Checkout sources by typing hg clone and add them as modules into your project - Download Framework JAR and Custom Concordion JAR and put them into your classpath - Add Maven dependencies to your project POM

Support & Feedback

Listening to feedback is the best way to improve and we desperately want to hear your thoughts, ideas, concerns and problems. If you have any please drop an email to kostya (at) or fire and issue request at Issues tab.