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     accordion, or just stacked (default).
     As well as the :class:`~admin_tools.dashboard.modules.DashboardModule`
     properties, the :class:`~admin_tools.dashboard.modules.Group`
-    has one extra property:
+    has two extra properties:
         A string determining how the group should be rendered, this can be one
         of the following values: 'tabs' (default), 'accordion' or 'stacked'.
+    ``force_show_title``
+        Default behaviour for Group module is to force children to always show
+        the title if Group has ``display`` = ``stacked``. If this flag is set
+        to ``False``, children title is shown according to their``show_title``
+        property. Note that in this case is children responsibility to have
+        meaningful content if no title is shown.
     Here's an example of modules group::
         from admin_tools.dashboard import modules, Dashboard
     .. image:: images/dashboard_module_group.png
+    force_show_title = True
     template = 'admin_tools/dashboard/modules/group.html'
     display = 'tabs'
             module.collapsible = False
             module.draggable = False
             module.deletable = False
-            module.show_title = (self.display == 'stacked')
+            if self.force_show_title:
+                module.show_title = (self.display == 'stacked')
         self._initialized = True