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Peter Hosey  committed e8fdfc6

On second thought, never mind unconditionalizing the home-Growl removal; it would leave the user with no active Growl when they install to another volume. Let's just log the destination directory instead.

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File Release/Growl/GrowlPreInstall/GrowlPreInstall.m

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 	/* delete old Growl installations */
 	NSString *destinationDirectory = [NSString stringWithUTF8String:argv[2]];
-	if (YES || [destinationDirectory hasPrefix:@"/Library"]) {
+	NSLog(@"Installing to directory %@", destinationDirectory);
+	if ([destinationDirectory hasPrefix:@"/Library"]) {
 		//We are installing to /Library/PreferencePanes, so delete a prefpane in the user Library if there is one.
 		//Get the home directory for the console (GUI) user from System Configuration, because NSHomeDirectory (at least under Leopard's Installer) will return the home directory for root.

File Release/Makefile

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 ###   * Set VERSION or GROWLMAIL_VERSION below.
 ###   * make version.