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QCT - Qt/PyQt based commit tool

Author: Steve Borho <>

Downloads: - Windows self-extracting zip - Source code - Python Egg - Mercurial Repository

Primary goals:

  1. Cross-Platform (Linux, Windows-Native, MacOS, cygwin)
  2. Be VCS agnostic.
  3. Good keyboard navigation, keep the typical work-flow simple

Keyboard Shortcuts:

CTRL-O - Commit selected files CTRL-R - Refresh file list CTRL-N - View diffs of next file in list CTRL-[] - Page up/down through file diffs CTRL-U - Unselect all files CTRL-F - Clear file filter text ESC - Abort and exit

The qct standalone application will attempt to auto-detect the repository you are running from, but will also accept a command line argument specifying the VCS back-end you wish to use.

See the man page for more usage details and consult the README file for the version control system you wish to use.

Known Issues:

Windows has a command line limit of 32KBytes. If you break this limit you get to keep both halves :)

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