qct / Changelog

Run 'hg log --style=changelog' to get a per-commit listing

Version 1.0:
	Expect signed 32 bit return codes from Windows
	Minor fix to allow Qct to run on PyQt4.0
	Added a clear-filter button and shortcut Ctrl-F
	Added a configurabe for a visual history browser

Version 0.9:
	Support for Subversion repositories
	Support for Cogito (git) repositories
	Support for Monotone repositories
	Support for CVS repositories
	Support -I/-X options in the Mercurial extension
	Add sign-off message to preferences dialog
	Sort file list by [filename | extension | status]
	File filtering (simple string matching)
	Added --version and --help command line arguments

Version 0.8:
	Change selection/cherry-picking (uses external two-way merge)
	Context menus:
	   -- add ignore masks for unknown files
	   -- select copy sources for unknown and ignored files
	   -- delete unknown and ignored files
	   -- find rename/move targets for missing files
	   -- revert, visual diff, external editor for all
	      revisioned commitable files
	Preferences dialog for specifying external tools
	Progress bar for the repository scan
	Simple repository auto-detection for standalone qct
	Revert button removed, replaced with a Cancel button
	Support for automatic sign-off messages in Hg back-end
	Directory/module layout changes (do a fresh install)

Version 0.7:
	Support for Mercurial Queues
	Cache scheme for hg back-end
	Make most recent commit log messages available for re-use
	Enable multi-selection in the file-list
	Improved support for symbolic links in Mercurial back-end
	Added a man-page
	Worked around a Qt problem (multiple press events from one click)
	Worked around more Windows path problems
	setup.py will build UI file iff it does not exist

Version 0.6:
	Moved qct logic unto qctlib/ package, for cleaner installation
	Added check boxes to file list to indicate selected state
	Removed userName edit field
	Added movable splitter between file list and diff browser
	Keep window geometry (and splitter) persistent in ~/.config/vcs/qct.conf
	Added CTRL-U shortcut to unselect all files
	Added CTRL-[] shortcuts to page the diff browser up and down
	Added '(Un)Select All' push button
	Hard-coded Sans Serif font for diff browser
	Revert from QDialog to QWidget, for WM reasons
	Added support for log message templates $(repo-root)/.commit.message
	OSX tuned optional UI layout (see INSTALL)

Version 0.5:
	Added an experimental perforce back-end
	More layout improvements
	Bug fixes to CTRL-N behavior
	Fixes for PyQt 4.0

Version 0.4:
	Added syntax highlighting to diffBrowser window (thanks to hgct)
	Layout improvements, new CTRL-N shortcut to cycle through diffs
	Add an automated distribution Makefile rule
	Added a back-end for bazaar, including a plugin
	Keep selected list persistent through refresh events

Version 0.3:
	Added a 'Revert Selected' button, with warning dialog message
	Added 'Ctrl+O' shortcut for commit, 'Esc' shortcut for abort
	Stubbed in a git back-end
	Cleaned up VCS back-end interface
	Separated GUI logic from stand-alone app
	Mercurial extension now spawns a GUI without forking another process

Version 0.2:
	Added mercurial extension
	Improved layout and work-flow

Version 0.1:
	Initial integration with Mercurial
	Commit dialog window works
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