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These steps describe installing QCT on Ubuntu 8.10 as a local user.

  • Open Syntaptic Package Manager from the main Ubuntu menu.
  • Search for "qt4", you should see "python-qt4". Marking it for installation (should also mark all required dependencies).
  • Search for "setuptools" and mark "python-setuptools"
  • Apply, wait, close upon success
  • edit /.bashrc and add the following
    export PATH=~/.py/bin:$PATH
    export PYTHONPATH=~/.py/site-packages
  • create /.pydistutils.cfg and paste the following into it
    install_lib =~/.py/site-packages
    install_scripts = ~/.py/bin
  • Open terminal
  • easy_install PyQt
  • If it's failing with "Couldn't find a setup script", wget the file it's downloading and extract it to /.py/site-packages/PyQt (make sure files end up under here with no subfolders)
  • Copy URL from the top/right "download" link on this page
  • wget (paste the url)
  • extract files
  • change into the QCT folder
  • python install
  • now you should be able to go into any local Mercurial repository and type "qtc" to get a nice commit dialog.