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Welcome to osa's documentation!

osa is a fast/slim library to consume `WSDL 1.1`_/`SOAP 1.1`_ services. It is created with the following three requirements in mind: fast calls, small memory footprint and convenience of use. I was not able to find a library that meets all my requirements, especially for large messages (millions of elements). Therefore I created this library by combining ideas found in `suds`_ (nice printing), `soaplib`_ (serialization/deserialization) and `Scio`_ (`WSDL 1.1`_ parsing).

At the moment the library is limited to wrapped document/literal `SOAP 1.1`_ convention. To include other call conventions one has to extend the :py:func:`to_xml` and :py:func:`from_xml` methods of the :py:class:`Message` :ref:`class <message>`. The structure of the library is briefly explained :ref:`here <Structure>`. The XML processing is performed with the help of :py:mod:`cElementTree` module.

To install the library please do the usual Python magic:

>>> python install

Online help is available for all classes, please see also section :ref:`using` for examples.