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This library provides filters similar in some ways to list_filter and date_hierarchy in Django's admin, but for use outside the admin. Importantly, it also includes result counts for the choices. It is designed to be very easy to get started with.


See the docs/ directory, especially docs/overview.rst


A small demo app is included, see the instructions in docs/develop.rst

A (currently) live example can be seen at:


The library is in a useful state, but not quite 'complete'. The main glaring feature omission in nice handling of Decimal fields (or other numeric fields that need to be treated as a continuum of values) to provide range-base selection.

The internal API of Filter and FilterSet are not firmed up, but are not far from being so. Test coverage is extensive.

Feedback regarding API or features is very welcome!


  • Automatic range-based filters for DecimalFields - e.g. for prices
  • Ability to specify 'defaults' attribute for FilterSet
  • Allow the automatic 'page' resetting to be customized