Within the repository there are a number of folders:

  • The 'src' folder this contains all the source files of ximpel
  • The 'documentation' folder contains the ximpel documentation. (open index.htm)
  • The 'build' folder contains everything needed to build XIMPEL into a deployable package. (See the README within this build folder for details on how to build).

How do I get set up?

  1. Checkout this repository using:
    git clone

  2. Go to the build folder and follow the readme. In summary the README says:

    * download and install nodeJs (
    * Open a command prompt and execute: `npm install grunt-cli -g` then restart the command prompt.
    * In the command prompt change directory to the "build" directory and execute: `npm install`
    * Then execute: `grunt --force`
  3. That should have built XIMPEL. After building XIMPEL a deploy directory has been created in the repository root folder. In this deploy directory there
    is a "ximpel" directory which contains our XIMPEL build.

  4. Open the index.htm in the documentation folder. Then follow the getting_started guide of the documentation.