Sebastian Bub  committed 27ea2d9

bugfix again as of Changeset 330c967e61fa (fixed a hard bug: digital input ports were not read); trying to write a digital input port resulted in reading. now it is ignored; known issue: conditional read-command (INg4==IN) will read, but fails on condition [numeric]!=IN

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File src/main/java/de/derbub/rpigpio/

         for (String name : nameValuesUncheckedMap.keySet()) {
             String uncheckedValue = nameValuesUncheckedMap.get(name).trim();
             ConfiguredGpio gpio = configuredGpioMap.get(name);
-            if (gpio.getDirection().isInput()) {
+            if (gpio.getDirection().isInput() &&
+                (Direction.IN.equals(Direction.getDirectionByString(uncheckedValue)) || Direction.CONDITIONAL_INPUT.equals(uncheckedValue))
+                ) {
                 nameCheckedValuesMap.put(name, Direction.IN.getValue());
             if (gpio.getDirection().isOutput()) {