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Along with the API to gather raw data, this project includes some working examples of how one can use the API under /tools/.

These server a number of purposes. Primary is that they act as usage examples to demonstrate exactly how to utilize the API. Along with that, they are also working tools that can be consumed as-is by end-users.

User Avatar

This tool returns the actual image used by a specified user on It is accessible via
- or -

Thus, it is usable like this:
<img src="">
and produces

Validate User

This tool checks if a specified user on currently exists. It is accessible via

It will return "1" for a valid user and "0" for an invalid one.

Thread Finder

This tool finds the page number and position on that page of a given thread within a given forum on It is accessible via

target_id is the ID of the forum in which the thread exists. target_id_2 is the ID of the thread in question.

It will return a JSON encoded array with the page number and position of the thread. It will return false if it could not find the thread.