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Documentation is unclear

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"Assumed you have for each TrueCrypt volume one separate KeePass entry, you should right click your volume password managed entry."

I have no idea what this means. The sentence isn't even grammatically correct. I've spent over an hour trying to get this plugin to work. I keep my Keepass database in a Truecrypt encrypted volume and would love for it to automount that volume when Keepass is launched; before it tries to load the database. I can't tell from the documentation if this plugin will even do that.

I was mostly able to understand the rest of the documentation but all of it is unclear. As far as I can tell, I have the plugin installed properly but am unable to any dialogues from it other than the "TrueCrpyt Plugin Options". Are these spellings incorrect on purpose? I think this could be a good plugin if the documentation was cleaned up and the functionality was better defined. I'll check back at some point to see. For now, I'm uninstalling.

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  1. Qaatloz

    This plugin isn't supposed to be able to load an database from a truecrypt container. It is the other way around. You can use your keepass database to store the passwords for your containers and with this plugin it can run truecrypt with directly the right settings to mount the volume of which you stored the password.

    So what the quoted sentence says: 'on every stored password entry in your keepass database you can right-click to access the setting for truecrypt options and mount directly from the database.'

  2. Qaatloz

    No, i think the documentation is pretty clear. But the user which started this issue didn't quite understand what this plugin should do and doesn't do. He thought that his password database saved within a truecrypt container could be automounted with this plugin and then loaded into keepass as database.

  3. QasimK

    I agree that the documentation is clear, but the line itself has a minor mistake ("Assumed"). I updated the wiki: "Assuming you have a separate KeePass entry for each TrueCrypt volume, you should right click your KeePass entry."

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