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I have an entry for my TC container file in KeePass, wich is already working when starting TC manually. If I configure the entry to start TC and mount the given container I get the error-message "The system can not find the stated file" (roughly translated from German ;) ). Afterwards the entry changes, and where I stated the correct file-path now stands "System.String[]". Unneeded to say, the mount process does not work. When starting TC manually, the entry still works. Error is repeatable, happens all the time.

Windows 7 64bit KeePass 2. TC Plugin 2.3

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  1. Peisistratos

    I have the same issue Windows 8.1 64bit KeePass 2.27 KeePassTCM_v2.3 Mybe it depends on system-language. I have also German. Would be great, if this could be fixed. BR, Max

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