Issue #8 resolved
Patrick Schaller
repo owner created an issue

Implement support of key files.

  1. Key file from disk

  2. Key file from KeePass-Entry attachment (store in temp, delete after mount)

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  1. Patrick Schaller reporter

    Hi, the plugin assumes that you have for each TrueCrypt volume one separate KeePass password entry (with the password of the volume (when you uncheck AskPassword option))

  2. Qaatloz

    The first keyfile support option is covered in my pull request.

    About option 2 I think it arguable if it doesn't defeat the purpose of key files. The idea of keyfiles in my opinion is when an attacker has stolen an Truecrypt volume and the password(database) it is not possible for him to open the volume without the exact keyfiles in place. It adds an extra barrier which is defeated when keyfiles are also included in the password(database). Why would you otherwise choose to use a keyfile for encryption if it only acts as a password from your password database?

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