lornajane committed f222da0

updating the demo code to call the eightball examples

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 $lib = new Library();
-$name = $lib->thinkOfAName();
-echo $name; //Arthur Dent
+$response = $lib->eightBall();
+echo $response;


-$options = array('uri' => 'http://api.local',
-    'location' => 'http://api.local/soap/');
+$options = array('uri' => 'http://myapi.local',
+    'trace' => 1,
+    'location' => 'http://myapi.local/soap/');
 $client = new SoapClient(NULL, $options);
-$name = $client->thinkOfAName();
-echo $name;
+    $response = $client->eightBall();
+    echo $response;
+} catch (SoapFault $e) {
+    echo "ERROR: " . $e->getMessage();
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