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RefLens is an implementation of collaborative filtering algorithms and
a set of tools for benchmarking them.


RefLens is comprised of three packages.

  The top-level ``reflens`` package serves as a parent to collect the
  other base RefLens packages.  Building it will build all
  components of RefLens.
  This package contains the core APIs and recommender implementations.
  This package contains the benchmarking program.

Installation and Dependency Management

RefLens is managed and deployed via Maven_ [1]_.  To install it, check out
this repository and run ``mvn install``.  It can also be checked out
in Eclipse with M2Eclipse_ by using the “Check out Maven projects from
SCM” import option; select ‘hg’, provide the BitBucket repository
location and make sure the “Check out All projects” option is
selected.  The NetBeans Maven support should be similarly usable but
has not been tested.

.. _Maven: http://maven.apache.org
.. _M2Eclipse: http://m2eclipse.sonatype.org/installing-m2eclipse.html

.. [1] On Debian or Ubuntu systems, Maven is available via the
       ``maven2`` package.
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