lenskit / README

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LensKit is an implementation of collaborative filtering algorithms and
a set of tools for benchmarking them.  For more information about
LensKit and the documentation, visit the `web site`_.

.. _web site:

Installation and Dependency Management

LensKit is managed and deployed via Maven_.  To install it, check out
this repository and run ``mvn install``.  It can also be checked out
in Eclipse with M2Eclipse_ by cloning the repository with
MercurialEclipse_, then importing the submodules as Existing Maven

.. _Maven:
.. _M2Eclipse:


LensKit is comprised of several modules.  The top-level ``lenskit``
module serves as a container to build them and provide common settings
and dependencies.  The other modules are as follows:

    The core APIs, data structures, and configuration facilities for
    the rest of LensKit.
    k-NN recommenders (user-user and item-item collaborative
    The FunkSVD recommender (and eventually real SVD recommenders).
    Slope-One recommenders.
    The evaluation framework and APIs.
    Ant_ plugin for running evaluations of LensKit recommenders.

.. _Ant:
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