Zero Piraeus avatar Zero Piraeus committed 64ee793

Minor test cleanup.

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     assert isinstance(with_fixture, FunctionType)
-def test_call():
-    """`fix.with_fixture` function does something sensible"""
+def test_setup_only():
+    """`@with_fixture()` handles fixtures which return one function"""
-    def my_fixture(context):
+    def fixture(context):
         """Create a fixture that assigns "bar" to `context["foo"]`."""
         def setup():
             """Assign "bar" to `context["foo"]`."""
             context["foo"] = "bar"
         return setup
-    @with_fixture(my_fixture)
+    @with_fixture(fixture)
     def case(context):
         """Return `context["foo"]`."""
         return context["foo"]
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