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docons is an implementation of SCons[1] API on top of doit[2]

The goal is to be able to run unmodified SConstruct files using doit.

The implementation is by no means complete, the API implemented was just the
bare minimum to make it possible to run some benchmarks[3].

This was done just as a proof-of-concept on creating an interface on top of doit.
The code does not have production quality and I have no interest in continuing
its development.


docons is faster than SCons. See benchmarks docons vs SCons benchmarks[4].

The implementation is under 500 lines of code (doit is under 2000), so it is
much easier to hack/experiment.

how to use

Copy the to same location of SConstruct file and make sure
this package (docons) is in your python path. than::

  $ doit

or to use version, copy this file and::

  $ doit -f


 * SCons C Pre-Processor module (copied from SCons wihout any alteration)
 * contains implementation of SCons API where the "builders" can generate doit tasks
 * "straight" implementation
 * alternative implementation that uses a SQLite database to store the
        depededency graph, thus have a much faster no-op build times
        (inspired by tup[5])