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+Django Biometrics
+I needed to be able to integrate with some biometric devices for
+authentication, but the template data needed to be stored on a
+server, to enable sharing between locations.
+It makes sense to associate a fingerprint template, for instance, with
+a django user. We can then get these templates at the client end, and use
+this information to authenticate there.
+Note, this authentication is not for the django application, but just for
+a local application which happens to use the django users table.
+To install, add 'biometrics' to your INSTALLED_APPS.
+You will then have an attribute on your User class, fingerprint_templates,
+that contains a list of fingerprint templates associated with this user.
+A typical use might be to download a list of valid users when the program
+starts, which are then used to authenticate.
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