Ideas of feature: indent parameter + keep order in dict

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Michael Palumbo
created an issue


First congrats for this app, it's very handy.

Here are two ideas of feature: - be able to set up the indent setting instead of having it hard coding to 2. - keep order in the dict. (using collections.OrderedDict)

What do you think?


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  1. Matthew Schinckel repo owner

    Hi Michael.

    Yeah, the first part sounds fine. I'll put a setting check in.

    I hadn't thought that much about the second part: I have no problems with it, as long as there is not a big performance hit on using that, but since I'm simply using the default simplejson.loads() method, I'm not sure I can easily replace dicts with OrderedDicts.

  2. Matthew Schinckel repo owner

    I've been thinking about the INDENT thing. There are a couple of ways to go. It could be a per-field setting (like null, blank or default). Or, it could be a project-wide setting.

  3. Matthew Schinckel repo owner

    See 6fd40e0 for a version that uses OrderedDict.

    I'm still 50/50 on this. I may make it that you can set it in settings, as I'm not sure I see the real value in ordered dicts, since mostly data in JS objects is unordered anyway.

    Happy to hear reasons why it might be the default, though.

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