v0.9.4 assumes Django>=1.5

Issue #21 resolved
Jesse London
created an issue

My workplace is currently on django 1.3.7 and using gargoyle. When building a dev environment today, gargoyle installed the latest of django-jsonfield, 0.9.4, which assumes it can import django.utils.six, (but which only appears to have been added to django 1.5). As such, the developer got an ImportError.

Not sure if this is something you want your library to handle, but was certainly a headache for us. I'll leave a note with the gargoyle folks as well.


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  1. Matthew Schinckel repo owner

    I think I was only going to release these changes as 1.0 (since there is backwards incompatibility, clearly).

    I see dcramer has pinned the version number for gargoyle.

    I tend to use pinned numbers in my projects, although not in libraries.

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